Japanese Sword & Shield Pokémon Card Rarities List

Published on 1 February 2020 at 18:57

This is the current Japanese Card Rarity list that is updated with Sword & Shield TCG.


Also includes the Japanese wording of each rarity and how to pronounce these in Japanese.

Basic rarities:

  • R = Rare (レア - Rea)
  • U = Uncommon (アンコモン - Ankomon)
  • C = Common (コモン - Komon)

Please mind there is no official information about card ratios other than the guaranteed 1 SR or better per box. These card ratios are only estimations and is subject to change. 

12-06-2020: Added Amazing Rare Rarity.

RR - Double Rare

ダブルレア - Dabururea

This is the most common rarity for V cards. You can recognize them by the glossy embossing effect. 

You can get up to 4-5 RR V cards per box.

RRR - Triple Rare

トリプルレア - Toripururea

This rarity has been introduced during S1H / S1W Sword & Shield and so far is only exclusive for VMAX V Cards. These are textured cards similar to SR cards.

You can get up to 1-3 RRR VMAX Cards per box.


Update 9-7-2020: With S3a Legendary Heartbeat, when you pull a VMAX Card, you also get the matching V card in the same pack. This was meant so you could build a (Pre-release style) deck in the Charizard VMAX HR competition, instead of having a VMAX card you couldn't use.

SR - Super Rare

スーパーレア- Sūpārea

This rarity is often mistaked with Secret Rare, technically they are secret rare cards in Japanese sets, since they exceed their set number, but it's officially called Super Rare. 

These are usually Pokémon V cards or Supporter cards and are textured.

You get 1 SR card or better per box guaranteed, and maybe 2 SR cards or better per box.

HR - Hyper Rare

ハイパーレア - Haipārea

Hyper Rare cards, SR or RRR cards with a rainbow colour and different texturing.

Starting from Sword & Shield, these cards contain a glitter effect and Supporter SR cards also have been added.

In the same slot as the guaranteed SR card in 1 box.

UR - Ultra Rare

ウルトラレア- Urutorarea

These are Gold Cards. Starting from Sword & Shield, these also contain a glitter effect.

Usually these could contain Item, Tool, Stadium, Energy or Gold Pokémon V cards.

Starting from S1a VMAX Rising, Shiny Non-V Cards from sets also have been added to this rarity.

In the same slot as the guaranteed SR card in 1 box.

A - Amazing Rare

アメイジングレア - Ameijingurea

Introduced in S3a Legendary Heartbeat, these are also textured. 


You can get up to 1 Amazing Rare Card per box (unofficially confirmed).

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