S4a Shiny Star V Officially Revealed, Shiny Charizard VMAX Revealed

Published on 4 October 2020 at 10:04

The next Japanese set S4a Sword & Shield High Class Pack Shiny Star V has been revealed during the Champions League 2021 Yokohama Livestream. Shiny Charizard VMAX has been confirmed to be in this set. 127 Shiny Cards have been confirmed in this set.

It will release on November 20, 2020 and costs 5500 yen. 

Set Description

(Translated by ToineLay)

  • 190 cards included + Secret rare cards.
  • 1 Box contains 10 packs (10 cards per pack).
  • 1 guaranteed V or VMAX per pack.
  • Several staples for players will be reprinted.
  • New cards will also be included, notably V, VMAX and Supporter(s) with original concepts.
  • Will contain about 190 different cards, so that even heavy buyers won't get bored easily.
  • Many Shiny Pokémon will be included.

Update: The Set has been officially revealed on the website. 

  • Crobat V, Eternatus VMAX, Dragapult VMAX, Boss's Orders, Marnie, Quick Ball, Scoop Up Net have been revealed as reprints.
  • Zacian V and Zamazenta V alternate art from the Legends of Galar Tin has also been revealed, will be in this set, like we predicted before.
  • Eldegoss V alternate art from Champion's Path is also in S4a.
  • Shiny Charizard VMAX has been revealed. 
  • 127 Shiny Cards have been confirmed in this set.
  • Shiny Decidueye and Oranguru have been revealed.
  • From the pack art we can see shiny versions coming of: Ditto (yet unannounced card), Boltund, Centiskorch, Lapras, Dragapult, Toxtricity and Charizard. Shiny Charizard V from Champion's Path is most likely coming in this set.


These cards could be included internationally in our potential Special Sword & Shield 4.5 in February.

Shiny Decidueye and Shiny Oranguru

Livestream images

Cards that have been revealed, includes alternate artwork of previously revealed (black star promo) cards internationally. 

New (reverse) Holo effect 

You should get 1 of each of these holo cards in each pack, just like the previous High Class Pack sets before. 

Binder Page Dividers Campaign

Starting from November 20, 2020:

A campaign will start, you will get a set of binder Page Dividers for every 3000 yen you spend on pokemon card game related products in the pokemon center stores. Includes artwork of Charizard/Leon, Marnie/Piers and Pikachu/Eevee (Eeveelutions)
If you order online, you will get a set of Page Dividers for every 10 packs of S4a Shiny Star V with every purchase ( you will recieve one if you pre-order 1 box of Shiny Star V).

1 set contains 3 dividers.

While supplies last, this is a limited promotion.


The following products are excluded for this campaign:

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Raul covarrubias
4 years ago

Where can I order this from

4 years ago

You can try CardJourneys, they might be sold out though. I message them to ask when or if they have more stock for later.


Andres Salas
4 years ago

Ben, is this a wholesale site or something? Because it seems to me that they're charging $700 for High Class Shiny V, but it doesn't say it's a case. It seems like it's ONLY ONE? all they're other products are $300+ but no mention of buying a case or anything? I'm confused

4 years ago


For www.cardjourneys.com

there’s a currency converter you can select to check what currency it’s showing. Try the selection menu or the header of each page.

I have a friend who orders bulk from them as well to save on shipping.

A Person
4 years ago

Is this real? Plus, why is it always Charizard is the popular, special card? Also: Return of Shiny Decidueye from hidden fates

Jeremy lalonde
4 years ago

Where can we order that?

Tony Moua
4 years ago

Would like to preorder.

4 years ago

what happened to the October Vmax set in japan

4 years ago


Casey Yount
4 years ago

Hi there. Where can I order for this set?

4 years ago

Is this set going to be good for flippers (people who buy and resell the packs for more than they bought them for)? I'm looking at a box that costs $70 USD. There is 10 packs. Should I preorder? Thanks!

4 years ago

(A Person, yes this is real)
Try these websites for preorder:
I can post more if needed...

Andres Salas
4 years ago

Yes can you post more please? I've looked at those sites and others but they're charging more than $80 (shipping is $30+) and it looks like eBay is the best deal. Do you know anyplace where I can buy wholesale? I'm trying to start an online business and haven't had luck. I don't want to charge way above market price just to make a profit. Thanks

4 years ago

Does anybody know how many packs the boxes will contain? (I know the packs themselves will have 10 cards, but how many packs are in each of the boxes?)

4 years ago

Each Japanese booster box will contain 10 booster packs,with 10 cards in each pack.

4 years ago

Am I reading this right? You get 1 guaranteed V or VMAX per pack?? So 10 per booster?

4 years ago

Is this box gonna resell? I wasn't able to cop and I'm curious, dont wanna pay overprice

4 years ago

What are the most rare cards? I just got some express from Japan. TY

4 years ago

Nobody? Apparently this very sparkly Charizard VMAX I got isn't so common.