New Charizard VMAX HR Promo Revealed, Limited to Only 600 Cards

Published on 3 July 2020 at 07:51

Well very 'hot' news! New Charizard VMAX HR (104/S-P) and Charizard V SR (103/S-P) cards have been revealed for Japan as a Charizard VMAX HR competition promo prize award. Similar to the Mewtwo HR Shield Battle events from last year, which only is limited to 300 copies.

This Charizard VMAX HR, will only get 600 copies awarded. We can assume there will be 2400 Charizard V SR cards, more details in the next paragraph.

Update 9-7-2020: 

TPC officially changed this competition. 

According to ToineLay:

Key points:

  • 600 extra Charizard VMAX HR and 600 Charizard V SR will be distributed by a lottery to people who held a sealed tournament at home with friends & family, and sent their results and proof of purchase by mail.
  • As for the shop tournaments, they have removed the option for last-minute registration, and you can only register for one tournament (instead of the previous four).
  • They're considering adding extra shop events, and also mentioned they might have to cancel them depending on the global health situation.

According to ToineLay: They will hold 600 sealed (Shield Battle) tournaments (These are with S3a Legendary Heartbeat packs) throughout the Summer (July 23, 2020 to Tuesday, September 22, 2020).

These will be 16-players tournaments. You need to buy 10 packs of S3a Legendary Heartbeat in order to enter and make a deck with it. It's similar to a Prerelease Tournament. You also get Energy cards when entering this tournament.

Each tournament starts with 4-players swiss rounds, the winner of which gets the Full Art Charizard V and enters the second part of the tournament: a single-elimination Top 4. The winner of the whole event gets the VMAX Charizard (and very rich). Everyone that partipates, gets also a new Gym Trainer Supporter card promo.


The first tournament will be livestreamed officially by the Pokémon Card channel on July 17, 2020. Both Charizard cards originate from the Sword & Shield Starter Sets Charizard VMAX. It's currently unknown, if these Charizard cards will ever release outside of Asia. Korea holds these tournaments too. 


What do you think of these cards? Will you try to buy one if you are outside of Japan? Let us know!

Card has been translated by ToineLay, thank you!

Gym Trainer


Draw 2 cards. If any of your Pokémon were Knocked Out during your opponent's last turn, draw 2 more cards.

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Claudio Dani
4 years ago

I would like to buy them!!
It's possible??

PokeGuardian (Webmaster)
4 years ago

Well 600 copies to players in Japan, you would need to find someone from Japan that is willing to sell their copy. Good luck!

Gabe Hudgins
4 years ago

What type of Pokemon card pack can I find this card in? I live in the us. Is there anywhere in the us where I can find this pack in ?

4 years ago

wooow i would lire to buy theeem! Its possible? @@@@