The Ultimate Energy Evolution Eevee Collectors Guide

Published on 30 August 2019 at 10:25

Eevee has seen much love by Creatures Inc. during the Sun & Moon TCG lifecycle. Besides Pikachu, Eevee might be the second most printed card of the Sun & Moon TCG era.

Japan alone has 9 different versions and reprints together of the Energy Evolution Eevee card during the Sun & Moon TCG. I think this is the most reprinted card so far in Japan. Beacon Alolan Vulpix might be 2nd.

This card has been included since the first set Sun & Moon TCG set and has seen alot of play competitively, and this card has finally rotated out of the Standard format earlier this month for the 2019-20 season. During it's lifespan, this card has seen many versions.

Here is the collector's guide of all the different versions of this Eevee card.

We are aware that earlier Energy Evolution Eevee cards from previous generations exist, this is a guide for specificially the Sun & Moon TCG Energy Evolution Eeevee.


SM1S Collection Sun / SM1M Collection Moon

This card is the first ever Energy Evolution Eevee, included in the first ever Sun & Moon TCG set. 

SM1+ Strengthening Expansion Pack: Sun & Moon 

Energy Evolution Eevee got a little upgrade in Japan, in the form of a mirror foil version. This card was released in the first ever subset for the Sun & Moon TCG.

You may ask yourself why there are two images on there;

SM1+ was reprinted in June 2019 and the new version has the card number / illustrator name with a white border to make it easier to read. The original SM1+ version released nearly 2 years ago does not have this white border.

SM8b GX Ultra Shiny

Nearly 2 years later, a reprint set called GX Ultra Shiny released, and Energy Evolution Eevee was reprinted once again and even got a shiny version reprint. This was illustrated by krisAki.

Also in the same set, a reverse holo version was included, with a cracked / shattered foil pattern. You had to wait a while, but 3 new versions were added of this card!

245/SM-P Pokémon Card Gym / 310/SM-P World Hobby Fair 2019 Promo

Energy Evolution Eevee got illustrated again, and this time by Saya Tsuruta. It was given out first as a Pokémon Card Gym promo, and later that year as a non holo version at the World Hobby Fair 2019 in Japan. 


Sun & Moon TCG

The first ever Energy Evolution Eevee cards from our Sun & Moon base set. The card we all know. Regular and reverse holo version.

Sun & Moon TCG Eevee (Cosmofoil holo version)

This version with the cosmofoil holo print was included exclusively in the Pokémon TCG: Umbreon-GX / Espeon-GX Premium Collection boxes. 

McDonald's Collection 2018

Energy Evolution Eevee got a reprint in the 2018 McDonald's Collection set. These cards are notorious for being damaged since they mostly come bundled with a figure.

France had a similar version, but they had a different set release of the McDonald's Collection 2018. The set list was much larger, besides a regular version, they included a reverse holo version of the unique McDonald's holofoil pattern. This reverse holo version is French exclusive as far as I know. 

General Mills Cereal Promo

For a period, Cereal products from the Cereal brand General Mills, included a free 3-pack booster in every box. This included a guaranteed holo card. This holo pattern is unique to General Mills cereal promo cards. 

Pikachu & Eevee Poké Ball Collection 

The Japanese Pokémon Card Gym promo finally got an international release in November 2018. This was the first Alternate Art release of the International version of Energy Evolution Eevee. This card is only in cosmofoil holo only. I have uploaded the higher resolution digital version alongside it as a reference.

Hidden Fates

Almost 1 year later after the release of SM8b GX Ultra Shiny, Shiny Energy Evolution Eevee finally got released internationally. 

Korean SM8b Version

Korea was second to release GX Ultra Shiny, so they also have a mirror foil version of Eevee, similar to SM1+. But with a yellow border. See the real life photo I have placed here for reference.  

The Korean version of Shiny Eevee, has different texturing from the Japanese and International version. They use a different printer for their own country. This makes for a very nice collection addition. 

Chinese AC1b Version

Shiny Cards from the Taiwan and Hong Kong release of the set AC1b "Dreams Come True" contain a holofoil border. This is so far unique to this release.

Chinese 003/SM-P promo

This was as far as I know, only given out during an event as a prize at the Pokémon Trading Card Game Commemorative Conference in Taiwan.

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Melina Ramos
4 years ago

Hello! My name is Melina and I'm an old TCGPlayer looking to get back into the meta... It appears you have an error in your article, The very first Energy Evolution Eevee was actually printed in the XY era specifically XY - Furious Fists. It was originally reprinted in sun and moon but not exactly the same as the retreat costs were different. Sun and Moon had a two energy retreat cost where as XY only had a one energy retreat cost.

PrimalLugia (Webmaster)
4 years ago

Hi there,

Thank you for your message.

We are aware that earlier Energy Evolution Eevee cards from previous generations exist, this is a guide for specificially the Sun & Moon TCG Energy Evolution Eeevee. Added a sentence to clarify this.

Thank you.

Kind regards,


Webmaster PokeGuardian