Japanese Man Got Arrested for Attempted Fraud by Sending in Faked Popsicle Sticks to Win a Limited Edition Zarude V Promo Card

A 43-year-old office worker in Kazuno, a city located in the Akita Prefecture of Japan, got arrested by local police Wednesday for attempted fraud in early November 2020 by sending in 25 envelopes containing popsicle sticks that would win you a Limited Edition Zarude V Garigari-kun Promo card during the Garigari-kun × Pokémon Card Game Crossover Campaign. 

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'STAFF' Prerelease Promos Have Been Temporarily Paused

Last week we were told by different European sources that STAFF Prerelease Promos would be discontinued. Before we would publish an article about it, we were waiting to see what other regions would say. The Pokémon Company International has now informed stores in the USA region that 'STAFF' Prerelease promo distribution will only be temporarily paused.

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