New 12th Pokemon Card Gym Promo Cards Revealed, Features Quagsire V

Published on 7 October 2022 at 08:14

Like Quagsire?

Quagsire V, Peaceful Park & more have been revealed in the 12th Pokemon Card Promo set. 


All the cards are Ponyta 310/S-P, Quagsire 311/S-P, Duosion 312/S-P, Pancham 313/S-P, Galarian Meowth 314/S-P, Aerodactyl 315/S-P & Peaceful Park 316/S-P.


Also Thorton 317/S-P has been revealed as a seperate mirrorfoil promo, to be given out during Pokémon Card Gym battles.


These cards will be available in the future at participating Pokemon Card Gym Stores in Japan.

Card translations comes again from ToineLay, thank you!

Quagsire V


Ability: Unaware

Prevent all effects of attacks from your opponent’s Pokémon done to this Pokémon. (Damage is not an effect.)


WWC - Muddy Mug 100+
If this Pokémon has any Fighting Energy attached, this attack does 120 more damage.

Peaceful Park



Pokémon in play can't be Confused. If a Pokémon in play is already Confused, remove that Special Condition.



CC - Celsphere 20

Put 2 damage counters on 1 of your opponent’s Benched Pokémon.



C - Linear Attack
This attack does 50 damage to 1 of your opponent's Pokémon.

CC - Jet Dive 120
Discard an Energy from this Pokémon.

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