eBay Japan: 'Lost Abyss Best Selling Product'

Published on 7 November 2022 at 20:57


eBay Japan published their cross-border e-commerce trends for the third quarter of 2022 (Period: July-September 2022). They have disclosed the sales trends for listings sold by Japanese eBay sellers.


As expected again, Japanese Pokemon Cards continue to perform exceptionally well, with Pokemon Card Game-related items ranking first for the ninth consecutive term. Lost Abyss has been the best-selling product in the thirdquarter of 2022.

Collectible Card Games has remained in sixth place in the top ten highest transaction amounts (value) since the previous quarter.

The top 5 products in terms of sales volume for Q3 2022 were revealed by the well-known e-commerce platform.

Released on July 15, 2022, Lost Abyss brought back the Lost Zone Mechanic, and introduced Giratina VSTAR and many strong cards into the game. As a result, Pokemon Card Game has become the best-selling product for the ninth time in a row.


Pokemon Card Game products have maintained their undisputed top spot on the list of the best-selling products since Q3 2020, when Legendary Heartbeat was released. We anticipate the upcoming set VSTAR Universe might just like VMAX Climax take the number 1 spot in Q4 2022 and Q1 2023.

  • Q3 2020 - Legendary Heartbeat
  • Q4 2020 - Shiny Star V
  • Q1 2021 - Shiny Star V
  • Q2 2021 - Eevee Heroes
  • Q3 2021 - YU NAGABA x Pokemon Card Game Pikachu 208/S-P Promo
  • Q4 2021 - VMAX Climax
  • Q1 2022 - VMAX Climax
  • Q2 2022 - P-Lab. Project Mischievous Pichu Promo
  • Q3 2022 - Lost Abyss

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