Male Alternate Artwork of Indeedee V Champions League 2020 Promo Revealed

Published on 3 October 2020 at 17:41

A Male version of Indeedee V has been given out as a prize card today during the Champions League 2021 Yokohama event. This card was previously revealed in the Taiwanese / Hong Kong set 'Promise Power' SC2a / SC2b set lists

This is a new alternate artwork version of Indeedee V (in male gender) from Sword & Shield Base Set.


Note that it mentions Championship Series 2020 on the stamp, and not 2021 like Galarian Zigzagoon has. This card could have been heavily delayed during this pandemic and could have been planned to be given out for the Champions League 2020 events. The Champions League 2020 season was cancelled earlier this year. 


So far, this card is not yet been revealed Internationally, unclear when this card will release internationally.


Thank you very much tunu1223 for the image! 

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4 years ago

Yeah, with it being 059/S-P, can definitely agree that it's been delayed - it'll have been printed ages ago. Also explains why it was so unusually spotted in the Taiwan/HK set before anywhere else.