New Alternate Artwork of Indeedee V Confirmed

Published on 14 August 2020 at 12:37

Today the set lists of the new Taiwanese / Hong Kong set 'Promise Power' SC2a / SC2b set lists have been released. And SC2a has a little surprise/teaser for us. They have included a never seen before alternate artwork version of Indeedee V (in male gender) from Sword & Shield Base Set in the SC2a set.


So far, this card is not yet seen/revealed in Japan and International. We expect this card will come in S4a Shiny Star V in Japan and possibly for us as a card promo in the upcoming Champion's Path - November V Box. Dubwool V also has an alternate artwork in similar fashion in the upcoming Champion’s Path Collection - Dubwool V.


Whatever will happen, time will tell!

Thank you Jack (@8bitbulbasaur) for spotting this card in the set list!

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