Galarian Zigzagoon Champions League 2021 Yokohama Promo Revealed

Published on 2 October 2020 at 09:55

Galarian Zigzagoon wil be given out to participants at the Champions League 2021 Yokohama event, that is being held this weekend on October 3 and October 4. It was silently revealed on the livestream page where the event will be livestreamed.


ToineLay mentioned that this card would possibly be limited to 2600 players. This card text is identical to the Galarian Zigzagoon from Sword & Shield Base set.


For more info about this event, you can look it up in Japanese on the official webpage:

Update 3-10-2020: The card is selling now for roughly 5500-7000 yen in Japan on auctions, there is a high demand for this card.

Galarian Obstagoon is a playable card, due to it's limited availability, and being the only Galarian Zigzagoon with a holofoil treatment on the artwork and having a unique stamp, that could be the reason for this price.

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