Many Pikachu Cards Revealed From S8a 25th Anniversary Collection

Published on 14 July 2021 at 08:30

Do you like Pikachu cards? We think you might appreciate this then.

Pikachu cards have been reimagined for the S8a 25th Anniversary Collection set. The very iconic Base Set Pikachu is getting a Full Art reimagining by Mitsuhiro Arita. Also the classic Surfing and Flying Pikachu have been reimagined as V cards. Pikachu V / VMAX from the S8a-G mini set that is most likely included in the 25th Anniversary Golden Box in which the Golden Pikachu V will be released in.


Also a brand new Pikachu V is coming in S8a 25th Anniversary Collection which has been illustrated by HYOGONOSUKE. A classic card is coming back too, Birthday Pikachu will get a reprinted version in the 25th Anniversary Edition Promo Card Pack similar to Base Set Venusaur in this promo set.


Update: Surfing Pikachu VMAX / Flying Pikachu VMAX have also been revealed. These are also part of the main set of the S8a 25th Anniversary Collection set.


Lastly Pikachu V-UNION has been revealed. This card contains 25 Pikachu from 25 Pokémon Card illlustrators and is from what it seems, part of the main set of the main set of the S8a 25th Anniversary Collection set.

We think this V-UNION card might release here internationally in the Celebrations Special Collection—Pikachu V-UNION which releases on Oct. 8, 2021. That Celebrations product will have an oversize version of Pikachu V-UNION.


The 25 illustrators are: Yuu Nishida, Mitsuhiro Arita, kawayoo, OOYAMA, kirisAki, sowsow, Ryota Murayama, Kouki Saitou, Naoki Saito, Taira Akitsu, Hitoshi Ariga, AKIRA EGAWA, Naoyo Kimura, Tomokazu Komiya, Sanosuke Sakuma, Jiro Sasumo, Narumi Sato, Shibuzoh, sui, Miki Tanaka, Saya Tsuruta, Atsuko Nishida, Kagemaru Himeno, Masakazu Fukuda and 5ban Graphics


Jiro Sasumo won the 2nd Illustration Grand Prix with Charizard before and got to illustrate a Pikachu. The winner of the 1st Illustration Grand Prix Yuu Nishida and Runner-up Narumi Sato also got to illustrate a Pikachu on this V-UNION card.


You can read more about the S8a 25th Anniversary Collection set including all promo cards and products here.

Cards have been translated by ToineLay, thank you very much!

Pikachu V-UNION

C - Union Gain
Attach up to 2 L Energy from your discard pile to this Pokémon.

LC - Tingly Shock 120
Flip a coin, if heads your opponent's Active Pokémon is now Paralyzed.


LLC - Disconnect 150

Your opponent can't play any Items from their hand during their next turn.


LLC - Electro Ball Party 250



ToineLay: This card has an E regulation mark, making it actually legal in standard! And yes, these are 25 Pikachu from 25 different artists.

Flying Pikachu V

L - Thunder Shock 20
Flip a coin. If heads, your opponent's Active Pokémon is now Paralyzed.

CCC - Fly 120
Flip a coin. If tails, this attack does nothing. If heads, prevent all effects of attacks done to this Pokémon during your opponent's next turn.

Flying Pikachu VMAX

LCC - Max Balloon 160
During your opponent's next turn, prevent all damage done to this Pokémon by attacks from Basic Pokémon.

Surfing Pikachu VMAX


WWW - Max Surf 160
This attack does 30 damage to each of your opponent's Benched Pokémon.

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3 years ago

What does "legal in standard" mean?

3 years ago

Tournament legal for the standard rule (actual TCG bloc)

3 years ago

So that means all of these cards are tournament legal, since they all have the E Regulation mark?

3 years ago


3 years ago

I'm loving that AKIRA EGAWA Pikachu on the V-Union (for reference, the one on the bottom right looking at the lightning symbol)

Nunya business
3 years ago

Pikachu pikachu pikachu pikachu pikachu pikachu pikachu pikachu pikachu pikachu pikachu pikachu