Charizard From the 2nd Illustration Grand Prix to Be Released as a Free Promo Card

Published on 16 September 2020 at 07:32

Similar to last year with Gardevoir, the Charizard illustration that won the second Pokemon Card Game Illustration Grand Prix with the Theme: “Cool moments of Pokemon” earlier this year will be a free 143/S-P promo.


Starting from October 23, 2020, if you buy 5 packs at Pokemon Center stores in Japan. You get 2 promo cards for each purchase of the Pokemon Card Game Rubber Playmat Set BeaWhile supplies last, this is a limited promo. You should be quick if you want one. 


The illustrator is Jiro Sasumo.

Update 27-10-2020:

This card was fully out of stock on Sunday, so the promotion ended. Now it will come back due to popular demand. The promotion date will be announced soon at the Trainers website. 

  • 1 promo per 5 packs
  • Limit of 4 promo cards per person.

Update 6-11-2020:

It will release on November 28, 2020 again. While supplies last. 

Update 28-11-2020:

S4a Shiny Star V at Pokemon Center Online is excluded from this promotion.

Update 2-12-2020:

Due to popular demand, it will release again on December 18, 2020. Only available online at Pokemon Center Online Japan this time and not in Physical Pokemon Center Stores / Pokémon stores. SM12 Alter Genesis is excluded from this promotion (likely due to the reprint and already has the GX Reboot Campaign promotion running for this set). While supplies last.

The same limits apply:

  • 1 promo per 5 packs
  • Limit of 4 promo cards per person.

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4 years ago

Good that they will limit the number of cards/person. I've seen some scalpers hoarded like 500 of them.

Mitche Best
4 years ago

Where can you acquire one of these outside of eBay?

3 years ago

The trading/ selling community on Reddit is great! Try the r/pkmntcgtrades forum. Many nice collectors that sell or trade their cards for reasonable prices. I got one there for reasonable amount mint condition.