Flapple GameStop / EB Games Store Promo Revealed

Published on 17 March 2021 at 19:53

Flapple from Rebel Clash will be a store promo for GameStop and EB Games, with a GameStop or EB Games stamp!


This is different to the previous Copperajah store promo and Centiskorch store promo that were given out at GameStop stores. Because these promos were non-holo reprints without any stamp or cosmofoil on the cards. This Flapple promo has a cosmofoil holo and a GameStop stamp, which is new.


Update 19-3-2021: EB Games Canada will also get it's own EB Games Canada stamped Flapple promo Exclusive to Canada. From what has been apparently told by a customer, it's free with any Pokémon Card purchase. No limit is required.


Update 2-6-2021: EB Games Australia is also giving this promo out starting from June 18, 2021. You need to spend $20 AUD on Pokémon TCG.


You have to buy $15 worth of Pokémon TCG Products at GameStop USA stores. This looks like to be an in-store promotion since one GameStop store mentioned explicitly to 'swing by', currently unknown if it gets distributed online. It's highly recommended to ask your local GameStop store first if they have these promo cards available.


This promotion starts on March 19, 2021 (Battle Styles release day) and lasts until April 19, 2021, of course while supplies last. 


It's currently unknown if other stores such as EB Games (Canada) will also get a similar promotion to this promo.

GameStop Photo via Richie Clark

EB Games promo photo via modernpokemoncard on eBay

United States

Spend $15 on any Pokémon TCG products at GameStop.


Spend $20 AUD on any Pokémon TCG at EB Games Australia.


Apparently it's free with any Pokémon Card purchase at EB Games Canada.


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