Copperajah Store Promo Revealed

Published on 13 August 2020 at 04:46

Copperajah will be a store promo for certain countries. It seems to launch the same day as Darkness Ablaze releases. 


Patrick James (@MasterP09) spotted this promotion in a GameStop US store. You have to buy $15 worth of Pokémon TCG Products. So far as I can tell, GameStop has not published this promotion online yet, also not in their Weekly Ad. We expect more information this Friday as Darkness Ablaze will release officially Friday.


Apparently this is a non-holo regular sized Copperajah card. Alongside this card, they also are giving away a free Copperajah code for the Sword & Shield video games. Both promotions last until August 31, 2020, of course while supplies last.


EB Games Canada, also will give away a Copperajah card as a store promo, however their site says that it's an oversized card. We don't have in-hand images yet.

"Free Oversized Copperajah Card with Select Pokemon TCG Purchase"

Update 17-8-2020: 

Added official images for GameStop USA and EB Games Canada. Not an oversize promo for EB Games Canada.

If you are reading this and have more information about this distribution, any information that would contribute to this article would be kindly appreciated. You can contact us on Twitter, Facebook or submit news on our homepage here.


Thank you Patrick James for informing us!

United States

Spend $15 on any Pokémon TCG products at GameStop.


Spend $15 on any Pokémon TCG products at EB Games.

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4 years ago

What makes this a "special promo card" if it's identical to the one in the set?

At least put a GameStop stamp on it or something...

4 years ago

It's literally just a non-holo Copperajah that I have too many of.

Spend $15 and we'll give you sealed trash!


3 years ago

Hi, I live in Australia and and just bought 1 booster pack for 6 Australian dollars and got one of these.