Mismagius and Sabrina & Brycen Pokemon Card Gym Promo Cards Revealed

Published on 2 October 2020 at 07:30

Mismagius and Sabrina & Brycen Gym Promo Cards have been revealed. Mismagius and Bellelba & Brycen-Man cards from respectively Unbroken Bonds / SM10 Double Blaze (Mismagius) and Cosmic Eclipse / SM12a Tag All Stars (Bellelba & Brycen-Man) were banned in Standard Format in Japan on September 1st. Creatures promised back then they would replace these cards with completely new text and artwork along with the Regulation mark 'C'.


Mismagius 141/S-P and Sabrina & Brycen 142/S-P are completely different new cards and can not be treated as the previously released and banned versions from Unbroken Bonds / SM10 Double Blaze and Cosmic Eclipse / SM12a Tag All Stars. They have renamed Bellelba & Brycen-Man to Sabrina & Brycen, probably since they do not wear their costumes anymore in this artwork and to avoid confusion among players.


These promo's will be distributed in Japan at Pokemon Card Gym events starting from October 10, 2020. You get one of the two promo cards for each participation. It's unclear when or if these cards will be released internationally. 


Cards have been translated by ToineLay, thank you!

Sabrina & Brycen (TAG TEAM Supporter)


Search your deck for up to 2 Basic Energy and put them into your hand.


When you play this card, you may discard 5 other cards from your hand. If you do, search your deck for up to 3 Pokémon of different types and put them into your hand.

ToineLay: From the best disruption card to the best setup card, what a career shift!


[P] Psybeam 20

Your opponent's Active Pokémon is now Confused.

[P][C] Curse of Hardship

If your opponent's Active Pokémon has exactly 9 damage counters on it, that Pokémon is Knocked Out.

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