SM12a TAG TEAM GX Tag All Stars first info revealed

Published on 13 September 2019 at 07:45

The October set for Japan that was called SM12a High Class Pack 2019 has finally been revealed.  It is called the trademarked Tag All Stars. 


    Update: Box image added 

    Includes card artwork of Mimikyu, Whimsicott and Eevee

    • This set will be similar to SM8b GX Ultra Shiny with 1 guaranteed GX card. This set contains 1 SR energy alongside the SR card you get.
    • It's release date will be October 4, 2019
    • This set will feature 173 cards + secret rare cards
    • This set will feature reprints of Tag Team GX cards
    • It will be the final Sun & Moon TCG set

    It's currently unknown if Shiny Tag Team GX cards are going to be included. The information currently given out is minimal. 

    Expected cards to be included in Tag All Stars (not confirmed!):


    Jolteon GX, Vaporeon GX and Flareon GX maybe will get a full art card. Same goes for Pikachu GX. Also the perfect opportunity for exclusive promo/product GX cards to get their full art version. Like for example:

    • Melmetal GX
    • Jirachi GX
    • Weavile GX

    More info will officially drop on September 20th, so come back next Friday! 

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