Triplet Beat Sealed Battle Revealed, Win Miraidon or Koraidon Promo Cards

Published on 3 February 2023 at 06:36

Nice promos

For the release of Triplet Beat, there will be a special 'Sealed Battle' tournaments at participating Pokémon Card Gym stores starting from March 10 2023.


These are small 'prerelease' like tournaments which consist of 4 players in which you have to 15 packs of this set and make a 40-card deck with them. These appear to be similar to the Lucario VSTAR HR Competition but less big.

The winner & the Rock-paper-scissors Tournament Winner gets a Sealed Battle Promo Card Pack which consists of either 1 of 2 Koraidon or Miraidon promos, these are promos with 'Art Rare' illustration seen from past sets.


We are getting these promo cards in our Scarlet & Violet Elite Trainer Boxes.

Everyone who participates also receives a 1 our of 2 random Nemona promo card and Rare Candy promo card.

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