Ultra PRO Pokémon - Johto / Alola / Kalos Alcove Click Deck Box Series 2 Revealed

Published on 6 February 2023 at 23:50
Ultra PRO Pokémon - Kanto / Sinnoh / Galar Alcove Click Deck Box Revealed, Changeable Magnetic Badges

More Badges!!

Ultra PRO has introduced a new Alcove Click Series 2 in their Alcove Click Deck Box product line. These deck boxes are known for their customizability using magnetic badges.


The next three variations/colors for each Pokemon Region, including Johto, Alola, and Kalos, have been revealed with one of the first partners and an additional Pokemon from each region.


Each deck box can hold over 100 standard size cards that are double-sleeved in Ultra PRO Deck Protector sleeves. The release date for the product is currently unavailable, as is typical with Ultra PRO Pokemon collections.


The MSRP for the previous version is $34.99 USD, and the information will be updated when the MSRP for this new series is confirmed.

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