S12a VSTAR Universe All SR/AR/SAR/UR Cards

Published on 1 December 2022 at 17:00

VSTAR Universe will release on December 2, 2022.

Set size

90 AR/SAR/SR/UR cards Total (main set contains 172 cards)

  • 37 AR
  • 35 SAR
  • 6 SR (Supporters)
  • 8 SR Energy
  • 4 UR


Set structure

  • 1 Box average contains = 3 AR , 1 V,  VSTAR or VMAX SAR, 1 SR Energy, 1 Radiant Card, 1 potential extra Wildcard (1 SR, 1 Supporter SAR or UR)


God packs return, pack patterns

  • AR cards 201 to 209 are only found as a 9-card set and are considered 'god packs'. 
    • Our source (works in card store) said it took them 80 boxes to pull 1 set. The same source told us that it took another store 200 boxes for 3 sets. Of course, take these numbers with a pinch of salt.
  • 5 AR + 5 SAR (4 SAR V + 1 SAR Supporter) 'god pack' is confirmed.
  • There might be more, we still are investigating this.

New debuting artists (Some Twitter accounts not yet 100% confirmed):

Art Rare Cards (AR)

Special Art Rare Cards (SAR)

Super Rare Cards (SR)

Super Rare Energy Cards (SR)

Ultra Rare Cards (UR)

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a year ago

Are the unevolved full art cards supposed to go on a 9 pocket portfolio page together?

a year ago

Pretty sure they are designed as one big image so yes