Snow Hazard & Clay Burst Have Been Trademarked by Nintendo, Creatures and Game Freak

Published on 30 November 2022 at 17:31

More potential Scarlet & Violet!

Nintendo, Creatures, and Game Freak have registered the following new trademarks:


  • Snow Hazard / スノーハザード / Sunōhazādo
  • Clay Burst / クレイバースト / Kureibāsuto
  • Triplet Beat / トリプレットビート / Toripurettobīto


Falls under Class 28 - Games, toys and playthings, where the TCG also falls under.


What could it be for?


We already know about Triplet Beat as the first subset of 2023, we do not know about the other names. Could be Scarlet & Violet related.


There is a rumour going around that Clay Burst & Snow Hazard are both part of a main expansion set that's supposedly releasing on April 14, 2023. 


The rumour is that Snow Hazard would feature Chien-Pao ex and Gym Leader Grusha and Clay Burst would feature Ting-Lu ex and Gym Leader Iono. 


When we know more. We will provide a new article.

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