S3a Sword & Shield Legendary Heartbeat all SR/HR/UR Cards

S3a Legendary Heartbeat SR/HR/UR cards are being revealed today. The latest expansion set of Sword & Shield! This set will probably be included in our 4th November set. 

It's still developing so this page will be actively updated throughout the day, so please come back! 

This set will release on Friday July 10, 2020. What is your favorite card of this set? Let us know!


077/076 Zarude V SR
078/076 Ampharos V SR
079/076 Alcremie V SR
080/076 Coalossal V SR
081/076 Steelix V SR
082/076 Togekiss V SR
083/076 Beauty SR
084/076 Allister SR
085/076 Opal SR
086/076 Alcremie VMAX HR
087/076 Coalossal VMAX HR
088/076 Togekiss VMAX HR
089/076 Beauty HR
090/076 Allister HR
091/076 Opal HR
092/076 Oranguru UR
093/076 Hero's Medal UR
094/076 Toughness Mantle UR

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