eBay Japan: 'Eevee Heroes Booster Box Best Selling Product'

Published on 17 August 2021 at 20:00

Pokemon Card Game is doing very well, again.

eBay Japan has published their cross-border e-commerce trends for the second quarter of 2021 (Period: April-June 2021). They have revealed the sales trends for listings that have been sold by Japanese eBay sellers.


As expected, Japanese Pokemon Cards are growing at an rapid pace and trading cards in general ranked first place again for the third consecutive term. We also covered the results for Q1 2020, in which Shiny Star V and Japanese Pokemon cards in general proved to be very popular outside of Japan.


In the top 10 highest transaction amounts (value), Toys/Collectable Card Games have not moved from it's 3rd place since the last quarter

Among the top 10 transaction amounts, trading cards ranked first in the category, which was growing significantly every year, for the third consecutive term. This quarter, Trading Cards grew again at a staggering high level of +655% growth rate, recording triple-digit growth for the third consecutive term. This number was +833% in Q1 2021, and +491% in Q4 2020.


Pokemon Cards are driving growth says eBay Japan. Cards that are sold at high prices, are also coming out from Japan, and in July 2021, a PSA 10 copy of the Espeon 053/L-P Promo Daisuki Club promo card, which is quite a rare promo, was sold at $9,000 USD. (roughly 990,000 yen).

The popular e-commerce platform also revealed a Top 5 best selling (in sales volume) products in Q2 2021. 

eBay Japan predicted in the last quarter, that the Eevee Heroes set, which released on May 28, 2021 and will be part of the upcoming Evolving Skies set, was going to be very popular. And it took the first place as expected. With this, Pokemon Card Game has become the top selling product for the fourth consecutive term.


S4a Shiny Star V, which Shining Fates is based of and released in November 2020, took the first place spot in the previous quarter this year. Shiny Star V also took the first place in October-December 2020.

Since Q3 2020, with S3a Legendary Heartbeat, Pokemon Card Game boxes have been first place on the best selling products list ever since.

Q3 2020 - Legendary Heartbeat

Q4 2020 - Shiny Star V

Q1 2021 - Shiny Star V

Q2 2021 - Eevee Heroes

eBay Japan expects that the upcoming S8a 25th Anniversary Collection set is going to be very popular. And we from PokeGuardian, think the same too. Some users on eBay are from what it seems, paying $350-$400 (that is an increase of 700-820% over MSRP) on eBay to essentially pre-order (that is not even guaranteed of delivery upon release since this product is most likely be heavily allocated) a booster box of the S8a 25th Anniversary Collection set.


What do you think of this? We would love to know. Do you collect Japanese Pokemon cards?

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