Hisuian Zoroark (European) Store Promo Revealed

Published on 8 September 2022 at 12:46

Hisuian Zoroark from Lost Origin will be the next store promo if you spend a certain amount of money on Pokémon products in participating stores soon. This is not the same promotion as the Gamestop USA/Canada.


Game Mania has listed this today on their webshop. They will include this promo with if you spend 20 euros on any Pokemon TCG products in-store.


We are curious if it wil get the same foil treatment as the Mewtwo Brilliant Stars Store Promo Revealed, it instead of a cosmos holo, Mewtwo got a reverse holo with a set logo stamp.


This is not a Prerelease Promo card. When other countries / stores will hold this promotion, we will update this article if we see other countries participating. If you happen to see this promotion in your own country, we are happy to know.


Update 11-09-2022: Card foil is just regular holofoil from the set, no cosmos holo or reverse holo.

Netherlands / Belgium


Confirmed for Game Mania Netherlands / Game Mania Belgium if you spend €20 or more in-store on Pokemon TCG products. While supplies last.


No image shown yet of the promo, but Smartoys Belgium is giving out an free exclusive pokemon card when you purchase pokemon tcg boosters in-store only for the first customers in shop 🎁 (while stocks last and limited to 1 pass/customer)

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