Japanese Booster Boxes Have Changed How They Open, Most Likely as a Direct Response to Resealed Boxes

Published on 9 September 2022 at 07:29

There will be a modification in the booster box features of some expansion pack sets that will be released after the end of September, Creatures Inc. has announced.


They have stated that, in contrast to the conventional booster box, the new box's design will allow it to open along the dotted line via a tearaway strip.


This is probably a direct response to the increasing (secondary) market entry of re-sealed booster boxes, particularly with Eevee Heroes that has been very popular on the secondary market. On social media, we have seen instances of Japanese collectors discovering they had bought re-sealed boxes they had bought from marketplaces. With this updated design, it will be obvious if a booster box has been opened.


What do you think of these booster box design modifications? Let us know!


We can see the new design in the pictures below.

Old box design:

New box design:

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2 years ago

I like the change.