Mewtwo Brilliant Stars Store Promo Revealed

Published on 22 February 2022 at 11:55

Mewtwo from Sword & Shield - Brilliant Stars will be the next store promo if you spend a certain amount of money on Pokémon products in participating stores soon.


Game Mania has listed this today on their webshop. They will include this promo with Brilliant Stars products pre-orders.

It should (not confirmed yet), have an exclusive cosmofoil version with the Brilliant Stars set logo as shown in the image. Mewtwo is a non-holo card in Brilliant Stars.


This is not a Prerelease Promo card. When other countries / stores will hold this promotion, we will update this article. We are getting Game Mania Brilliant Stars pre-orders this week too, so we should recieve this Mewtwo promo. We will make photos of the card when we recieved it.


Update 25-2-2022: Promo is confirmed to be Reverse holo + foil Brilliant Stars stamp. Not a Cosmos Holo promo.

Netherlands / Belgium

Confirmed for Game Mania Netherlands / Game Mania Belgium with every pre-order of a Brilliant Stars product.

Update 25-02-2022: It's now a in-store promotion only, you get 1 promo if you spend €20 or more on Pokemon TCG products. While supplies last.


Confirmed for participating stores 


Confirmed for participating stores (distributed via Duo Schreib & Spiel distribution) if you spend €10 or more on Pokemon TCG products. While supplies last.

United Kingdom

Confirmed for WH Smith stores if you spend £10 or more on Pokemon TCG products in-store. While supplies last.

(Informed by digger240196 via PlaySkape Games, image provided by PlaySkape Games)

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2 years ago

There is no way to obtain the card in a different way? As this company does not ship outside….