S10a Dark Fantasma All SR/CHR/CSR/HR/UR Cards

S10a Dark Fantasma SR/CHR/CSR/UR cards are being revealed.


This is the latest expansion set of Sword & Shield! 


Dark Fantasma releases on May 13, 2022. What is your favorite card of this set? Let us know!

Set Number Card Name Rarity Character
072/071 Parasect CHR Mani
073/071 Pikachu CHR Akari
074/071 Gengar CHR Miss Fortunes Sisters
075/071 Hisuian Arcanine CHR Rei
076/071 Spiritomb CHR Vessa
077/071 Snorlax CHR Kamado
078/071 Hisuian Electrode V SR
079/071 Magnezone V SR
080/071 Enamorus V SR
081/071 Gallade V SR
082/071 Hisuian Goodra V SR
083/071 Hisuian Zoroark V SR
084/071 Volo SR
085/071 Iscan SR
086/071 Arezu SR
087/071 Miss Fortunes Sisters SR
088/071 Enamorus V CSR Cogita
089/071 Gallade V CSR Beni
090/071 Magnezone VSTAR HR
091/071 Hisuian Goodra VSTAR HR
092/071 Hisuian Zoroark VSTAR HR
093/071 Volo HR
094/071 Iscan HR
095/071 Arezu HR
096/071 Miss Fortunes Sisters HR
097/071 Hisuian Zoroark VSTAR UR
098/071 Dark Patch UR
099/071 Box of Disaster UR

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