SM11b Dream League all SR/CHR/UR/HR cards

Published on 5 September 2019 at 11:37

All of the SM11b Dream League SR / CHR and UR cards are on this page. 


They have ditched the 3DCG rendered SR / HR cards and let illustrators hand draw these versions. This is a first. Power Plant from Unbroken Bonds has been made a Gold card stadium. We might see that card in our November set Cosmic Eclipse.

We also get to see new CHR cards of:

  • Pikachu (with Red)
  • Steelix (with Jasmine)
  • Torkoal (with Flannery)
  • Gallade (with Wally)
  • Magnemite (with Lt. Surge)
  • Koffing (with Roxie)
  • Weavile (with Cyrus)

This makes a total of 12 CHR cards for Dream League. 


This set will release on Friday August 2, 2019.


What is your favorite SR/HR/UR/CHR card of Dream League? Let me know! 

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