SM11b Dream League Set List

The set list for Dream League has been revealed. No new GX cards have been revealed, as this is not a main expansion but a subset expansion. The SR cards will be revealed next week on Wednesday, so make sure to look again on PokeGuardian next Wednesday. 


No new TR cards have been revealed. They are probably replaced by CHR (Character Rare) cards. This is the first time we get to see Rosa digitally too.


Translations for the relevant new cards come from Antoine Boulay !

For card translations I highly recommend to visit his Twitter! 



Ability “Smooth Over” : Once per turn, you may search your deck for a card, shuffle the rest of your deck, and put the card you chose on top of your deck.

[F][C][C][C] Trembling Fist 80+ 30 more dmg for each of your damaged benched Pokémon.


Ability “Double Type”: This Pokémon is both Psychic and Fighting type.

[C][C] Power Cyclone 120 Move an energy from this Pokémon to one of your benched Pokémon.


[R] Discard 2 cards from the top of your opponent’s deck.

[R][C] 80 damage, discard one energy from this Pokémon.


Ability: If this Pokémon has any damage counters on it at the end of your opponent’s turn, flip a coin. If tails, shuffle this Pokémon and all cards attached to it into your deck.

[W] [W] [C] Hydro Splash 130


[W] [W] [W] Direct Dive Discard all energy attached to this Pokémon. This attack does 100 damage to one of your opponent’s benched Pokémon.


Ability : You may use this ability once when you play this catd from your hand to evolve one of your Pokémon AND once when this active Pokémon is knocked out from damage by your opponent’s attack. Discard an energy from the opponent’s active Pokémon.

[C] [C] [C] 110 damage, and 30 damage to one of your opponent’s benched Pkmn.


[R] Put 4 Basic Fire Energy from your discard pile into your hand.

[R][R][R] 100 damage. Discard an energy from this Pokémon. Then discard an energy from the defending Pokémon.


Ability : you may use this ability once when you discard this card with the effect of Roxie. Put 1 dmg counter on each of your opponent’s Pkmn.

[P][C] Balloon Burst 90 Discard this Pkmn and all cards attached to it.

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