International Scarlet & Violet Pokémon Card Rarities List

Published on 30 March 2023 at 21:00

This guide provides the latest official Card Rarity list for the international Scarlet & Violet TCG, according to The Pokémon Company International.




Rare cards are always holofoil now with Scarlet & Violet. You can also get Rare cards in 'Parallel Foil Cards'.

Double Rare

This is the most common rarity for ex cards. Also Tera ex cards fall under the same rarity.

Ultra Rare

These are usually 'full-art foil versions' of Pokémon ex cards or Supporter cards and are textured.

Illustration Rare

These are cards with special alternative 'full-art foil illustrations' of common, uncommon or rare Pokémon cards that show the characteristics or environment of a Pokémon.

Special Illustration Rare

These are ex cards or Supporter cards with special alternative 'full-art foil illustrations' that show the characteristics of a Pokémon or character. These cards also contain a layer of glitter foil.

Hyper Rare

These are usually Gold Cards, as TPCi describes them as 'full-art foil cards with gilded borders and accents'.

Usually these could contain Item, Tool, Stadium, Energy or Gold Pokémon ex cards.

Parallel Foil Cards

These are parallel foil cards will have a foil pattern surrounding the card artwork. According to TPCi, at the bottom-left corner of the card, the expansion code, which is normally a black box with white text, will be a white box with black text to more clearly show that the card is part of the parallel foil set.

These can be Common, Uncommon or Rare cards.

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