Promos Discovered of New Alternate Artwork Espeon V, Umbreon V, Sylveon V & Professor's Research Professor Juniper Full Art

Published on 18 February 2022 at 01:07

We have discovered the existence of new upcoming promos that are being revealed in the future.


As of now, we have not confirmed in what product these will exactly release in, but these products should be revealed very soon.


What is interesting, is that Espeon V SWSH201, Sylveon V SWSH202 & Umbreon V SWSH203 appeared earlier today on the Promo Card Legality Status on the website of Pokemon.


We might think this could be part of the V Heroes Tin, however that's speculation on our part. There is no confirmation yet.


These are reprints of the Evolving Skies cards, but with different artwork. These promos have not been revealed in Japan yet, so this is the first time you are seeing these promos.

Also a Full Art Promo of Professor's Research Professor Juniper has been discovered. This card was originally released in Japan as a SR card from VMAX Climax. Along with that, a reprint from Shining Fates is also discovered to be likely included in this product (maybe as a foil promo). As of now, we also don't know in what product it's going to be included.


Update 22-2-2022: The data in TCG Live, which has been partially released for Canada today, refers to a 'Professor Juniper Premium Tournament Collection' in the game data. So this promo might be included in that product.

Lastly the The Battle Academy (version 2) would contain: "Eevee deck includes 2 copies of an all-new promo card featuring Galarian Obstagoon". This Galarian Obstagoon should be the promo now of this product.

When we know more, of course we will update you on our website.


Other previously revealed, but upcoming promos:

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