Start Deck 100 Contains SR/UR Cards, Allegedly Contains 'God Deck' & Marnie's Pride SR Card

Published on 16 December 2021 at 16:08

You have a chance to find some nice cards in these decks.

The Start Deck 100 has been released in Japan on Friday December 17, 2021. Some decks contain higher rarity cards. 


Marnie's Pride and Barry get a Full Art Supporter version. Pikachu V, Granbull V and Zamazenta V get a Full Art version. And lastly Galarian Articuno V, Galarian Zapdos V and Galarian Moltres V get a gold card.


Mirrorfoil card decks are in certain decks. Also there allegedly is a 'God Deck' available as 101/100. Currently unknown how frequent these appear.

'God Deck' 101/100

SR Cards

415/414 Pikachu V
416/414 Granbull V
417/414 Zamazenta V


SR Supporters
418/414 Barry
419/414 Marnie's Pride


UR Cards
420/414 Galarian Articuno V
421/414 Galarian Zapdos V
422/414 Galarian Moltres V

(Some of these images come from various Japanese marketplaces)

Someone pulling Marnie's Pride SR from deck 096/100.

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