Rumour: Sword & Shield 10.5 Special Set Possibly Coming in Summer 2022

Published on 16 December 2021 at 23:14

We have obtained information, showing data for an upcoming Sword & Shield 10.5 set. Let the speculation begin.

Before you read: The information seen on this page is heavily subject to change without notice and are placeholder product names and dates. We do not know more than the information below. It's still very early, so take it with a pinch of salt, as always.

We have obtained information now about a possible June 2022 special set named Sword & Shield 10.5. This set number indicates a special set could release this Summer of 2022. We only have seen these products listed below which are typical of a special set.


Also as expected, Sword & Shield 10, the set after Sword & Shield - Brilliant Stars, has been listed too with a May 30, 2022 placeholder. Once again, all of these placeholder dates don't release on Friday, so these are expected to be actual true placeholder dates releasing close to that date.


Also we have seen 'confirmation' now that the next Premium Tournament Collection, which we had previously mentioned would return in 2022, will contain a Full Art Supporter card and 3 Supporter Holo cards, just like the Marnie Premium Tournament Collection.


These product listings below are all from 1 specific source. The majority of these set-related products are scheduled to release during the Sword & Shield 10 and Sword & Shield 10.5 launch, but release dates could of course change at any given time.


When there is more product information in the future, we will of course cover this. We will leave the speculation over to you.

Sword & Shield 10

  • League Battle Deck
  • Battle Stadium
  • ETB
  • Premium Collection Box
  • Summer Tins
  • Booster

Sword & Shield 10.5

  • Elite Trainer Box
  • V Collection Box
  • Poké Ball Tin
  • Mini Tin
  • Premium Collection
  • Super Premium Collection
  • V Battle Decks
  • V Battle Decks Bundle

Premium Tournament Collection 

  • 7 Booster packs
  • 1 Supporter Full Art Card
  • 3 additional Supporter Holo cards
  • Accessories (sleeves, coins, dice)

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