Rumour: February 2022 Battle Region Set, Special card set Grass Leafeon VSTAR / Ice Glaceon VSTAR & Starter set VSTAR Lucario / VSTAR Darkrai First Information

Published on 22 October 2021 at 15:35

VSTAR is going full throttle!

Before you read: This is still unconfirmed news and the information is still tentative.

We only have distributor information received via a source, we have not seen any sell sheet ourselves yet to confirm all of this now. The products are claimed to be real products by the source.

We have recieved the first bit of information about the set after S9 'Star Birth' and upcoming VSTAR products in Japan. These all are scheduled for release on February 2022. This so called Battle Region set is referred to as a subset and not a main set.


Note: The S9 set Sword & Shield - Star Birth has not been officially revealed yet, that will happen in November. But Arceus VSTAR is from 'S9' already revealed. Distributors have listed Star Birth, but we have not seen the official sell sheet ourselves yet.


These products are:

February 4, 2022

  • Special card set Grass Leafeon VSTAR
  • Special card set Ice Glaceon VSTAR


February 25, 2022

  • Sword & Shield Enhanced Expansion Pack - Battle Region
  • Starter set VSTAR Lucario
  • Starter set VSTAR Darkrai


Battle Region was a while ago trademarked by Nintendo, Creatures and Game Freak along with Star Birth at the time.


Also Special promo versions of Glaceon V and Leafeon V were announced a while ago for Hong Kong / Taiwan for the Brilliant Diamond / Shining Pearl videogames.We believe these promos may be the pre-evolution V cards of the Leafeon / Glaceon VSTAR cards from this special card set.

It's a strong assumption/connection to make, but nothing is confirmed yet that says these promos are pre-evolution cards for these specific VSTAR cards.


We have not seen the official sell sheet for this set, we so we can't confirm everything yet for ourselves. When we know more of these products, we will of course keep you posted.


(Thumbnail is a mockup image used from past artwork, so it's just a placeholder image)

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