Japanese TCG Set Star Birth That Features Arceus Allegedly Releasing in January 2022, VSTAR Mechanic Mentioned

Published on 8 September 2021 at 16:59

Could we see the 'birth' of a new mechanic next year?

Before you read: This is still unconfirmed news and the information is still tentative.

We only have distributor information received via a source, we have not seen any sell sheet ourselves yet to confirm all of this now. The products are claimed to be real products by the source.

Remember the trademarked Star Birth name from 2 months ago? Yes it seems to be used for the Pokémon TCG as expected. Do you also remember the trademarked VSTAR name all the way back from November 2020? Yes that also seems to be finally used for the TCG.


We have been informed by a store that has distributor information at hand, that the Japanese set Star Birth would allegedly release on January 14, 2022 and seems to be all about Arceus.


This January 2022 set, appears from the product information, to be a tie-in set with the upcoming videogame Pokémon Legends: Arceus that is releasing 2 weeks later on January 28, 2022. Star Birth appears to be a main expansion set because the Sword & Shield Premium Trainer Box VSTAR has been mentioned. We think it will be the set after the High Class Pack VMAX Climax, which would release on December 2021.


The product list we have now, is mentioning a VSTAR marker bundled with TCG accessories. This indicates the VSTAR mechanic could be introduced along with the Star Birth set.


We have not seen the official sell sheet for this set, we so we can't confirm everything yet for ourselves. When we know more of Star Birth, we will of course keep you posted.


All of the following products below are possibly releasing (tentative) on January 14, 2022:

  • Pokemon Card Game Sword & Shield Expansion Pack Star Birth
  • Pokemon Card Game Sword & Shield Premium Trainer Box VSTAR
  • Pokemon Card Game Deck Sleeves Arceus (with VSTAR marker)
  • Pokemon Card Game Deck Box Arceus (with VSTAR marker)
  • Pokemon Card Game Collection File Arceus
  • Pokemon Card Game Damage Counter Case Arceus
  • Pokemon Card Game Carrying-Case Arceus
  • Pokemon Card Game Coin Dice Pikachu Ver.2

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3 years ago

I am so #$@% tired of all these stupid new types of v's that are way OP
So much power inflation. Sun + Moon was better.

Betty White
3 years ago

Cry more Bob