J Balvin V, Post Malone V, Katy Perry V Cards Revealed, Part of P25 Music Promotion

Published on 15 October 2021 at 23:25
J Balvin V, Post Malone V, Katy Perry V pokemon tcg Cards Revealed, Part of P25 Music Promotion

The official Pokémon Instagram account has shown off a J Balvin V card in their Story. J Balvin is one of the artists for the P25 Music album which released today.


It is currently unknown if this card will be available to the general public. However, the card does have a special set symbol. It also seems to be illustrated by nagimiso.


Stay tuned for more on these special P25 Music cards!

Major update: Katy Perry V and Post Malone V have been revealed on the official Pokemon 25 music site. Also high resolution images of these cards have been revealed alongside them. The card numbers are not numbered as a set but appear most likely to be numbered after their birthdays.


On the official P25 website it states:

''This special Pokémon TCG card is for promotional use only. Katy Perry was gifted with a printed version of this card as a special thank-you for her collaboration and contribution to the program. Currently, there are no plans to print this card for consumer use or purchase.''


Thank you Super_Franky for informing us.

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2 years ago

wow these cards suck in terms of playability they just get taken out by single strike urshifu and other actually playable pokemon.

Are these even playable in standard i don't see a E marking on them

2 years ago

You must be a DELIGHT at parties....

2 years ago

I'm wondering if the cards will be widly available, I think they might be physical album bonuses.

2 years ago

Yeah no ty, Lol id be embarassed af to own these cards. Good to see some narccisistic celebs I dont give two hoothoots about need to invade our hobby this way just to stay relevant.

Yer boi
2 years ago

For someone who doesn't give "two hoothoots", You seem awfully invested in gatekeeping your little hobby.