Pokemon TCG 25th Anniversary Ad Revealed, Full Art Professor’s Research Professor Oak, Gardevoir ex Delta Species

Published on 8 September 2021 at 01:03

TPCi released an ad to celebrate 25 years of Pokemon TCG!

The Pokemon Company International has published an advertisement celebrating 25 years of Pokemon TCG.


The video showcases various classic cards in there from past sets bound to be for a nostalgia trip for everyone that grew up with Pokemon cards in the past.

TPCi has also officially teased Full Art Professor's Research Professor Oak and Gardevoir ex δ (Delta Species) from Celebrations. You can see Gardevoir ex δ on the top right corner of the images below and Full Art Professor's Research on the right bottom (we flipped the image for convenience).

Gardevoir ex (Delta Species) that originally was released in EX Dragon Frontiers, seems to be part of the Classic Collections subset. Professor's Research Professor Oak Full Art appears to be part of the main set of Celebrations, as known in the Japanese version of Celebrations.


You can watch the full video below. 


What do you think of this ad and what are some of your Pokemon TCG memories? Let us know and make sure to use the hashtag #TCGmemories too!

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3 years ago

On gardevoir it says imprison marker.
what is an imprison marker?

3 years ago

NiCe*! Scyther, cubone, Venusaur, mewtwo etc

3 years ago


Imprison markers shut off a Pokémon's PokéPower and PokéBody (which are predecessors of today's Abilities).

They stay permanently and can, unlike most other effects, even persist on the bench. They only get removed if the Pokémon evolves, devolves or leaves play, or by some specific cards.