Pokemon TCG x Pokemon Masters EX Two-Year Anniversary Celebration Lillie & Lunala Playmat Campaign Prize Revealed

Published on 26 August 2021 at 05:00

You can win a special playmat!

For the Pokemon Masters EX Two-Year Anniversary Celebration, Pokemon Masters EX is collaborating with Pokemon TCG to give away a special Lillie (Anniversary 2021) & Lunala playmat. 


This is Lillie in a special Anniversary 2021 costume, this Lillie will be a master sync pair with Lunala in Pokemon Masters.

So far this campaign has only been announced for the US, Canada & Japan. These announcements were taken from their official YouTube channels. The prizes will be shipped after November 2021.

Distribution details:

According to the Japanese Twitter account of Pokemon Masters, 250 people will win this special playmat via lottery. You need to post a screenshot of your favourite Pokemon EX scene to enter. Entries will open on August 28 on 15:00 JST (Japan time).


Update: The official English Twitter account of Pokemon Masters has posted the details now too:


Also 250 playmats via lottery (Screenshot Sweepstakes) will be distributed, starting August 27 at 11:00 p.m. PDT. You also need to submit screenshots of your favorite scenes in Pokemon Masters EX to enter.

Pokemon Masters EX is a free to play game for Android & iOS.

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Sean Riggs
10 months ago

Been playing Pokémon since I was a kid!!

Jeffrey Caldwell
10 months ago

Been playing and collecting for many years and can’t wait to teach and share with my daughter when she gets older.

10 months ago

Evolving trash just dropped