Duraludon GameStop Store Promo Revealed

Published on 20 August 2021 at 18:05

Duraludon SWSH028 will be a store promo for GameStop, with a GameStop stamp!


The previous promo was Sandaconda. This promo has no cosmofoil holo this time, but regular foil treatment.


We think similar to the past GameStop promotions, that you have to buy $15 worth of Pokémon TCG Products at GameStop USA stores. This looks like to be an in-store promotion only. It's highly recommended to ask your local GameStop store first if they have these promo cards available.


This promotion starts from what we have seen (not confirmed but highly likely) on August 27, 2021 (Evolving Skies release day), of course while supplies last. We will update this article when we have official information.


Spend $15 or more on Pokémon TCG to get 1 promo.

Purchases can be made online or in-store, while supplies last.


Available with EB Games Canada logo (not advertised probably due to the Gamestop Canada rebrand).

No official info available, so no info about minimum spend.

Images from foohey96 on eBay

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