Sandaconda GameStop / EB Games Store Promo Revealed

Published on 17 June 2021 at 15:18

Sandaconda from Battle Styles will be a store promo for GameStop and EB Games, with a GameStop or EB Games stamp!


The previous promo was Flapple. This promo should have also a cosmofoil holo, similar to the previous Flapple promo.


You have to buy $15 worth of Pokémon TCG Products at GameStop USA or EB Games Canada stores. This looks like to be an in-store promotion only. It's highly recommended to ask your local GameStop / EB Games store first if they have these promo cards available.


This promotion starts on June 18, 2021 (Chilling Reign release day), of course while supplies last. 

United States

Spend $15 on any Pokémon TCG products at GameStop.


Spend $15 on any Pokémon TCG products at EB Games Canada.

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