Garigari-kun Collaboration Returning, Limited TCG Accessories Set

Published on 27 May 2021 at 08:09

The pineapple-flavored popsicle with juicy pineapple-flavored shaved ice with a crunchy texture returns in Japan!

The Garigari-kun x Pokemon Card Game collaboration is returning this Summer. And if you live in Japan, you could potentially win 1 of 5000 Gari-Gari-kun x Pokemon Card Game Accessories Sets by lottery. Update: Added lottery application details.


According to ToineLay: You have to apply to the lottery by mailing them a cutout application from back of the box (see product image below), you need to buy boxes of their 'Adult Garigari-kun Golden Pine' ice popsicles in order to do that.


4700 people can win the Pokemon Card Accessories Set which includes an Exclusive Deck Box, Exclusive Playmat and Exclusive Pokemon Coin with Cinderace, Pikachu and the Garigari-kun mascot on the design. And 300 people can win from what it seems, a regular version of the Sword & Shield Family Pokemon Card Game set.

This collaboration is part of a campaign to promote the upcoming Family Pokemon Card Game Set that releases in July 2021 in Japan. A Japan Post Pokemon Stamp Box which includes exclusive promos, also releases in July to promote the upcoming Family Pokemon Card Game Set.


The Adult Garigari-kun Golden pineapple popsicles will be released in Japan nationally in stores on May 31, 2021 and cost 350 yen (excluding tax). This specific flavour seems to be limited to this collaboration only, since it was not available anymore after last year's collaboration ended.


Last Summer in 2020, Garigari-kun and Pokemon Card Game also collaborated to give away an exclusive Garigari-kun stamped Zarude V via a lottery to promote the then upcoming Pokémon the Movie: Coco. These boxes were very popular and hard to find in Japanese stores. Someone even opened 41 boxes before winning the lottery.


Also last year a Japanese man got arrested for attempted fraud by sending in faked popsicle sticks to win this aforementioned limited edition Zarude V promo card during the lottery. This caused alot of controversy and could be the reason why they stopped the lottery method of submitting 'winning popsicle sticks'.

More info about this ice popsicle: “Adult Garigari-kun Golden Pine” is a pine(apple)-flavored ice candy with juicy pine(apple)-flavored shaved ice. 33% of Golden Pine(apple) juice is used, and you can enjoy a full-fledged juice feeling. By making the ice particles smaller than the conventional one, you can enjoy the crisp texture like frozen pine.

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