Ultra PRO Pokémon - 25th Anniversary 'Wooden Finish' Deck Box Revealed

Published on 26 May 2021 at 17:36

A deckbox with a wooden finish!

Ultra PRO has revealed a new Pokémon 25th Anniversary product. It's a deckbox with a wooden finish. Earlier this week, a Ultra PRO Pokémon - 25th Anniversary 9-Pocket PRO-Binder was revealed.


Update 2-6-2021: Added official product description + 1 extra image. It looks to be made out of actual wood, if we look at the product description. Seems to be based on the Hako Deck Box. Releases October 8, 2021 (placeholder date). MSRP is $39.99 USD.

Previous story:

Wooden Finish could not mean actually solid real wood with this product. We will see closer to release what kind of material it is actually made of. Keep your expectations low. You can paint Faux Wood Grain on surfaces to give it a wood finish. 


There is a small chance it could be based on the Hako Deck Box from Ultra Pro, which is made from solid wood. There is a video review of it's predecessor named the Ark Deck Box on YouTube.


The exact release date for this product as with most Ultra PRO Pokémon products, is currently unknown. We will update this article when we know a placeholder date.


MSRP is $39.99 USD

Pokémon 25th Celebration Deck Box

Handmade wood deck box with laser-etched 25th Celebration Pokémon Logo. Holds 100+ double-sleeved cards in Ultra PRO Deck Protector sleeves. Has rollout side dice compartment. Thumb notch for easy access to cards and secure magnetic closure. (Cards, sleeves and dice not included)


  • Officially licensed wooden deck box with laser-etched commemorative design for Pokémon 25th Celebration
  • Holds 100+ double-sleeved cards
  • Made from premium dark wood with a smooth surfaced swing-door lid
  • Secure magnetic enclosure
  • Rollout side dice compartment

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3 years ago

At first, I thought, "who the heck is gonna have the guts to buy a wooden deckbox?" But it does make sense to say it won't be. Imagine, "Oh look at my shiny Charizard VMAX deck that all the Charizards are scratched up from the wood hahaah $700 value in the toilet!"