Sword & Shield - Chilling Reign Product Line-up Revealed

Published on 31 March 2021 at 18:51

Sword & Shield - Chilling Reign was officially revealed earlier today. Now we have more product images of upcoming Chilling Reign products. 

Update 4-6-2021: Pokemon Center USA/Canada has revealed a Pokemon Center exclusive version of the Chilling Reign Elite Trainer Box named the Sword & Shield - Chilling Reign Pokemon Center Elite Trainer Box (Shadow Rider Calyrex) / (Ice Rider Calyrex).


This is a different version that is exclusive to the Pokemon Center USA/Canada online store and is different than a regular Elite Trainer Box. The Chilling Reign Pokemon Center Elite Trainer Box is only available from PokemonCenter.com.


This Chilling Reign Pokemon Center Elite Trainer Box costs $49.99 USD and includes 10 packs total (2 more packs than in a standard Elite Trainer Box), a metallic Calyrex coin and 6 metal damage counter dice compared to the regular Elite Trainer Box. Product images are below in the article. It's expected to ship mid-June and are accepting pre-orders right now.


Update 17-6-2021: 

The Chilling Reign Pokemon Center Elite Trainer Box that should have included 10 packs, includes 8 packs due to a manufacturing error.


Customers will get $10 credit and get extra compensation (2 chilling reign packs + 1 of each Galarian Articuno/Zapdos/Moltres V) for this inconvenience.

Eevee 117/S-P promo from the Japanese Pokémon Gym Card Set (this promo matches with the the Jolteon 114/S-P promo that's in the Battle Styles 3-Pack Blisters) and the Snorlax 156/S-P CoroCoro promo will be included in the Chilling Reign 3-Pack Blisters. 

Morpeko 137/S-P "Pokemon Card Friendly Shop" promo and Phanpy 115/S-P from the Japanese Pokémon Gym Card Set will be in the 1-Pack Checklane Blisters.

Lastly we also have an image of the Chilling Reign Mini Portfolio containing Ice Rider Calyrex artwork, Premium Checklane Blisters with Blaziken and Decidueye from Darkness Ablaze, Chilling Reign Build & Battle Box and the Chilling Reign Booster Box image. Also the product contents of the Elite Trainer Boxes have been revealed. These Chilling Reign products will release on June 18, 2021.


What do you think of this line-up? And what do you think about the new promo's? Let us know in the comments!

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