Snorlax (Single Strike) CoroCoro 156/S-P Promo Revealed

Published on 21 December 2020 at 11:49

A new Snorlax promo has been leaked, and it's the next CoroCoro Ichiban! promo.

This 156/S-P Promo card of Snorlax (Single Strike) will be featured in the next March 2021 issue of the CoroCoro Ichiban! Magazine.

Illustrator Yuka Oka seems to be a new artist.


If you want to see the image for yourself, you can check it out here by Twitter user karubiimunohito.


We will update this article when the image has been officially published. This magazine will release on January 21, 2021. One day bbefore S5 Single Strike Master / Rapid Strike Master releases.

Snorlax (Single Strike)


[C][C] Slap Push 30


[C][C][C] Single Strike Tackle 120

This Pokémon does 30 damage to itself.

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a month ago

The attack on the card does 120 damage and 30 to itself for [C][C][C], not [C][C]