Special Card Set V-UNION Coming, V-UNION Cards of Greninja, Mewtwo and Zacian

Published on 17 March 2021 at 09:09

A new type of V Card is coming! V-UNION.

Alongside today's reveal for the Japanese July set S7D / S7R Skyscraping Perfect / Blue Sky Stream, also special card set boxes containing V-UNION cards are releasing later in July. V-UNION was trademarked earlier and it's indeed as we speculated a brand new type of V Card.


Update: Dummy pack image + set description added. Our Patreon Supporter Kevin from the Youtube Channel Madden Gaming, has provided us of these images. We thank him for informing us.

Update 18-5-2021: The release date of this product has been officially changed from July 30, 2021 to August 20, 2021.


3 variants of this product will release. These are called the Special Card Set Greninja V-UNION / Zacian V-UNION / Mewtwo V-UNION. What V-UNION exactly does, there is currently no information about it yet. Expect more information to come later in the Summer the month prior to release. These products have now been listed for pre-order by some Japanese stores.


When the sell sheet with the product information and dummy artwork has been revealed, we will update this article.


This product will release on August 20, 2021 and will cost 1650 yen.


1 Special card set V-UNION includes:

  • 1x Promo card "Mewtwo V-UNION" / "Zacian V-UNION" / "Greninja V-UNION" (depending on what version you choose) - 1 set (4 cards)
  • 1x Promo card new supporter card - 1 card
  • 6x Packs of Expansion pack "Skyscraping Perfect" & "Blue Sky Stream" 3 packs each

Product information Special Card set V-UNION


This has been translated by ToineLay, please note that this is a quick translation and some errors could be made.


Pokémon V-Union join the fray!


1)A brand new type of cards: Pokémon V-Union

This product will feature for the first time Pokémon V-Union, a new gimmick completely different from Pokémon-V and VMAX we’ve seen so far. In each of these Special Card Sets, a V-Union card f a popular Pokémon is guaranteed!


2) A popular line-up

It mentions how Mewtwo, Greninja and Zacian are popular etc.


3) Includes 6 packs of the latest set!

3 packs each of S7D Skyscraping Perfect and S7R Blue Sky Stream


4) Including new Promo Supporter that will be a perfect match

These three sets will each contain one copy of a new Supporter card that will help V-Union Pokémon in battle (all three will contain that same card).

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3 years ago

When it says, "a V-Union card f a popular Pokémon is guaranteed!" I think the f in the middle means it's a regulation mark f? If I understand, the grammatically correct way (now, I don't know Japanese, so I might look like a dumb person thinking I know what is/isn't grammatically correct) is, "a V-Union card, regulation mark f, a popular Pokémon is guaranteed!