Marnie Promos Are Possibly Coming in the Future

Published on 6 March 2021 at 16:17

The missing Marnie Full Art from Shiny Star V that has been cut from Shining Fates could potentially release as a promo here.

The mobile app named Pokémon TCG Card Dex, where you can scan your Pokémon Card collection, has listed some yet unreleased promos in it's app data. These promo cards so far have not yet been released here and we do not know yet how these promos will release.

In this list of promo cards, data has also been found for 2 unreleased Marnie promos.


Before you read: Please mind that there is always a possibility that this data could contain errors or inaccuracies. Nothing has been confirmed yet, just that this data has been found. The data is real, but take it with a grain of salt.

The following promo cards have been discovered:

  • SWSH108 - Empoleon V (V Strikers Tin promo)
  • SWSH109 - Tyranitar V (V Strikers Tin promo)
  • SWSH110 - ???
  • SWSH111 - Galarian Rapidash V (Galarian Rapidash V Box promo)
  • SWSH112 - Cinderace (Crisis Power ability, regulation mark E)
  • SWSH113 - Inteleon (Quick Shoot ability, regulation mark E)
  • SWSH114 - Cresselia (Crescent Glow attack, regulation mark E)
  • SWSH115 - Passimian (Throwing Coach ability, regulation mark E)
  • SWSH116 - Morpeko (Famished attack, regulation mark D)
  • SWSH117 - Phanpy (Stampede attack, regulation mark D)
  • SWSH118 - Eevee (Signs of Evolution attack, regulation mark D)
  • SWSH119 - Snorlax (Slap Push attack, regulation mark E)
  • SWSH120 - Marnie (regulation mark D)
  • SWSH121 - Marnie (regulation mark D)


This data could be meant for future promos during and after the Sword & Shield 6 set releases on June 18, 2021.

So far outside of Asia, we are currently missing exactly 2 Marnie cards:

If this data is indeed true, because there is always a possibility that this data could contain errors or inaccuracies, then we think it could be for these cards.


Marnie Full Art has been controversially cut from Shining Fates, and some fans even speculated that Marnie Full Art would release in Battle Styles. Now that the full set list of Battle Styles has been out, Marnie Full Art is not included. It is very unlikely now that it will come in the set after Battle Styles, but could be released now as promotional cards in the future.


We wouldn't be surprised if both Marnie cards could be featured in a special Marnie product. Marnie is a very popular character from the Sword & Shield videogames. Marnie SR from Shiny Star V is currently selling in Japan for roughly 35000 yen ($320 USD). Even the Marnie promo (140/S-P) where she practices her smile with Morpeko, is selling for roughly 7000 yen ($65 USD) and is also very popular among fans.


Time will tell if this is true. What do you think of this discovery? Let us know!

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3 years ago

Looks to me like 112-115 will be the SWSH6 Build & Battle Box promos (Inteleon is from S5a, we've seen that one) while 116-119 will be the SWSH6 blister pack promos, all originally Japanese promos.

3 years ago

Is the Cresselia promo a regular card or could it possibly be a V-Card?

3 years ago

then that might mean darkri V