Professor Willow From Pokémon GO Will Get a Pokémon Card

Published on 5 March 2021 at 06:48

Professor Willow from Pokémon GO will get a card!

As part of Pokémon GO their 5th anniversary later this year and the 25th anniversary of Pokémon and the Pokémon TCG later this year, Pokémon GO and the Pokémon Trading Card Game will collaborate to release Professor Willow as a Pokémon TCG card in the Summer of 2021.


The card will be officially revealed (artwork included) along with details on how to obtain this card in late May 2021. It's planned to be sold in regions around the world where the Pokémon TCG is officially sold. 


This is the first time that Pokémon GO had any tie-ins with the TCG unlike Pokémon Masters with a unofficial soft tie-in with SM12a Dream League.


This card is also confirmed to be released in Japan.

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3 years ago

Apparently Niantic wanted to join in on the money train even thought they make enough on Pokémon Go these days.

3 years ago

It's SM11B Dream League ! Not SM12A :)