Pokémon the Movie Coco Illustration Contest Winners Announced

Published on 25 December 2020 at 08:08

The winners of the Pokémon the Movie Coco Illustration Contest have been revealed and will recieve their prizes soon (details in the original story).

Director's Award

Nyabe Nya-san (にゃべにゃさん)

Creatures Award

Usamaru 's (うさまるさん)

Parent and Child Award

So was Dad 's (そうたパパさん)

Twitter Special Award

Arc blurring 's (にじまあるくさん)


(The "Twitter Special Award" has been chosen with the work with the most likes on Twitter as of December 1.)

The other 51 nominees

Original story:

For Pokémon the Movie Coco, a special 106/S-P Coco Movie promo will be given out if you visit theatres in Japan. The movie is scheduled to run in theatres on December 25, 2020. From the official page it mentions that this is a gift for a total of 3 million people attending theaters nationwide.


This card looks to be the a human on a Pokémon card that looks to be legal to play.


Some trivia: Tunu1223 spotted on the description of the card: ポケモンに育てられた人間 / Human Raised by Pokémon

Also a Pokémon the Movie Coco Illustration Contest has been announced. It seems like 55 people will be nominated. The 55 nominated people will get an exclusive movie themed paper playmat. 


From the 55 nominated illustrations there will be 3 awards: "Director's Award", "Creatures Award" and "Parent and Child Award". These winning illustrations will get a Jumbo card with the award-winning illustrations + Pokemon Goodies. It looks like you will have to use the coloring sheet for this contest. 


On the Application rules section it says: "Posting from overseas is possible, but prizes will only be shipped within Japan." Maybe you can submit internationally, but prizes will only be shipped in Japan. We can't fully confirm if you can submit your application if you are a non-Japanese citizen. You could always try it out. 


For more details in Japanese, you can check it out here.


Card below has been translated by immewnity.



[C] Voice of the Forest

Search your deck for a [G] Pokémon, reveal it, and put it into your hand. Then, shuffle your deck.


[G][G][C] Tarzan Kick 120

Flip a coin, if tails, the attack does nothing.


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