Your Favourite Pokémon TCG Card of 2020

Published on 31 December 2020 at 15:13

2020 finally comes to a close, and many great cards also have been released during the Sword & Shield TCG.

We have asked you on the PokeGuardian Twitter & Facebook pages what your favourite card of 2020 has been, and the reason behind this. Out of all the replies we have received, we made a summary out of it.


What has been your favourite card of 2020?


Let us know in the comment section or via Twitter! And of course, thank you for all your support in 2020 and we wish everybody a very happy new year! 

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Caleb Snipes
3 years ago

Colossal vmax really good and underrated.

3 years ago

To bad no Lati cards this year. I probably had to say my favorite card is Rainbow Rare Gardevoir VMAX. Definitely one of the coolest cards for me.

3 years ago

The Gyarados from Ancient Origins (21/98) is by far my favorite.
This card's art is absolutely awesome. Its Full Retaliation attack is more powerful that it seems, and Gyarados is just one of my favorite Pokémon.

3 years ago

Wait, never mind. That came out five years ago. My favorites besides that card is probably, from a collector's perspective, would be Wailord from Vivid Voltage. It has an absolutely awesome art, and not a bad attack, either. From a player's perspective, it would actually be the Rhyperior from Sword and Shield. It has an amazing board wiping attack that gets even better with Telescopic Sight (which is also a favorite on mine)

3 years ago

dragapult v max