Dummy Pack Art Revealed of Japanese March Set S5a Matchless Fighters, Special Art Cards Potentially Makes a Return

Published on 24 November 2020 at 09:48

The next set after S5I / S5R Sword & Shield - Single Strike Master / Rapid Strike Master is called S5a Matchless Fighters!

This set name was trademarked a while ago and it now turns out afterwards it was meant for the TCG.

  • It will contain 70 cards + secret cards (SR cards or better).
  • This subset will release on March 19, 2021.
  • Price: 4950 yen
  • 1 Booster Box includes 30 packs. 1 pack includes 5 cards.

The pack art contains both Urshifu forms, Blaziken and Galarian Slowking, on which the last named Pokémon will likely makes it's TCG debut in this set. More information should come soon when S5I / S5R Sword & Shield - Single Strike Master / Rapid Strike Master has been released next year in January.


We have been told that "Single Strike" and "Rapid Strike" are likely new gameplay elements that will be introduced in S5I / S5R Sword & Shield - Single Strike Master / Rapid Strike Master. More details of S5I / S5R will come later in the future.

On the sell sheet there are 3 points mentioned with some details, ToineLay translated this text, we thank him very much again!

  • Point 1 mentions how S5a will feature a bunch of new Pokémon, Items and Supporters with the "Single Strike" and "Rapid Strike" spec, further expending these two playstyles.
  • Point 2 says the set will also feature powerful meta-impacting cards unrelated to Single Strike or Rapid Strike, such as new Pokémon from the Crown Tundra DLC.
  • Point 3 goes about how there will be several Special Art cards that show off the Pokémon's uniqueness, and are sure to make pack openings even more exciting.

Of course this information is somewhat conservative at this early stage and we will know more for certain after January. We think the earlier mentioned 'Special Art cards' could be the cards with Alternative artwork cards similar to the TAG TEAM GX era, but that's pure speculation.


We think the next trademarked names, Silver Lance and Jet-Black Poltergeist might be next. Glastrier or Spectrier / Ice Rider Calyrex or Shadow Rider Calyrex from The Crown Tundra DLC might make it's debut in there.


VSTAR got trademarked too, maybe a new rarity might come in the future.