Pikachu V Vivid Voltage Store Oversized Promo Card Revealed

Published on 12 November 2020 at 22:40

Any Pikachu fans? A Pikachu V Vivid Voltage Oversized card will be a store promo soon.

Dutch toy store Intertoys published this image online prematurely with still the old Eternatus V Oversized store promotion info on there.

This will be a Oversized card version with a Sword & Shield - Vivid Voltage stamped logo on it.


More images and details on how to obtain this card in other countries will follow soon when Sword & Shield - Vivid Voltage releases within the upcoming days/weeks.

So you are advised to keep your eyes open and check/ask your national toy/game stores during release. With the COVID-19 cases starting to rise again in Europe and some countries in full lockdown again, we are not sure how this will affect the distribution.

Update: Fully confirmed now.


Intertoys Stores if you spend €10 minimum on Pokémon TCG products.

United Kingdom

GAME UK Stores if you spend £10 minimum on selected Pokémon TCG products.


''Spend £10 or more on selected Pokémon Trading Card Game products* in a single transaction and get a free Oversize Pikachu V Card. Offer available from 00:01 on 4th December 2020 online and in-store (during opening hours) while stocks last. For online, the card may be shipped separately to your order''


The Big Box Stores if you spend $30 USD minimum on Pokémon TCG products.


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